Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | By: Lisa LaMendola

The Fear of Writing Great Content

When I first began to write for others, it wasn't easy.  In fact the fear was so great it would keep me procrastinating for weeks!  Finally I would rush through the last few days and give the customer what they needed, but not necessarily my best work.

What was this fear and why did it terrify me so?

Was it the fear of failure?  Or was it the fear of being great?

I know those are extremes, so I'm sure the answer lied somewhere in the middle.  I never found the answer, instead I just did my best to work through it and not put things off so long.

Then I became a copywriter...

Copywriters have deadlines.  Yes, all freelance writers have deadlines, but copywriters write differently and I have found need many revisions before submitting the very first "draft" to the client.  This is because the draft is meant to be near perfect for the client.

As a ghostwriter or freelance writer for someone else, I am taking their thoughts and putting them into words.  As a copywriter I am taking facts, figures, testimonials, product reviews and so on, and organizing them into great content for whatever my client is wanting to use it for (website, sales letter, etc). While copywriters do have a good amount of time to complete their work, its that two day mark before submitting the draft where the fear kicks in.

Is it good enough?  Could I have written it better?  Do I need to change something?

The second guessing starts and the fear has a companion to work with.  Luckily, by the time my first draft is written there is really nothing I could do differently.  Oh yes, the client will come back with their ideas, but that is not the same as having a written copy ready for a client to review.  There will always be changes, always be an "oops".

I just submitted an article for review last week that was published, and when I read it on the web realized I spelled one word wrong (your instead of our).  It's going to happen now and then, because well.....nothing is perfect in this world.

You can do and redo and redo again until your article is perfect, and then WHAM you see an error long after you can do anything about it.  That's life...

And that's the life of a writer, because its not always about the typographical error, but instead about the content of the article.  Did you learn something?  Were you pulled into the article enough where that "error" was irrelevant at the time?  That is what matters, content...

Yes, spelling and grammar are important, but they are secondary.  So as writer, your fily and friends will be overly critical of your work.  Either because they are jealous of you for following your dream or because they are too visual and not taking in the content. So turn their focus around:  "Yes, but what did you think about the article?"  Pull them away from being the editor and into being the reader.  If you don't, this too will add to your fears.

Another problem with writing is the fear of being a great writer.....or not.  Again the pendulum swings both ways.  We see the pitfalls of those "famous" writers and wonder if its all worth it, or that your writing will be ridiculed by someone important in the writing world.  The problem with these fears are that they are not likely to happen unless you WRITE SOMETHING.  Yes, there will be ignorant people who will not like what you write or TELL YOU you should write something else.  These people would rather see you not do well so they don't have to look at how they are not living their dream.  Don't let them stop you!

So if you want to write, just write.  Start with a blog and just write about what you know or what you want to know about, so you can start researching things that interest you.  If you have a book inside of you just start writing whenever you have spare time.  I have been working on a book for over for almost a year now.  I will write some days, and for weeks I won't write anything ~ and I'm a writer!!! I just know that it will all be complete when the time is right.  Great stories can't be rushed, but great stories can be told.

You don't have to be a great writer to write, you just have to allow what is welling up inside of you to come up. Now pick your poison, and begin writing.....without fear.


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