Tuesday, December 29, 2015 | By: Lisa LaMendola

The End is Just the Beginning

2016, how did we get here so fast?  It just seems like yesterday I was walking that hiking path to Eldora Falls, enjoying the crisp mountain air, falling down a path that was to change my life forever.

They say that those who have much to give to this world go through the most hardship in order to learn the lessons they need to learn, to teach others more clearly.  So I have found its important to keep an open mind when things that aren’t part of the plan stick an obstacle in the way.  Then we must take our time to find the answers and redirect ourselves on the path, whether that takes weeks, months or even years.

I think we have become way to complacent in our world today, believing that everything is available to us so when we have something life altering happen to us we expect an answer immediately, or the ability to move past it quickly; instead of taking a good look at what has happened, why, and how we can learn from it.

The biggest lessons in my life have come from my health and wellbeing, opening my practice up to helping others through Medical Mediumship, which in turn allowed me to help animals as well.  Medial Mediumship takes medical intuitiveness one-step further: allowing me to see inside your body and taken to the root cause of your symptoms.  Not just why you are having your external symptom, but what has been going on in your body to create this and other symptoms you have that you have yet to see the connection to.  My greatest joy since adding this work to my practice has been the amazing results my clients have experienced.

So last week I sat down and thought about what gave me the most fulfillment in life.  Notice I didn’t say happiness or joy, for those tend to be momentary things.  Fulfillment is something that stays with you long after the joy has dissipated.  Fulfillment is what keeps an actor acting and a teacher teaching; it’s what keeps me up at night and excited during the day, for I am always leaning and growing so that I can help others more.  That is the sign of great teacher, one who keeps learning and growing.  I have meet many a Medium who suddenly feels they have all the abilities they need and just stay doing what they are doing the way they are doing it and never growing.  I have always felt it was my duty as someone with this gift of mediumship to be learning and growing so that I can help others more.  Its not about being the best at something, its about being my best at something, no matter what it is I decide to do in life.  The same should hold true for you.

The last 3 years have been the most traumatic on this road to learning and growing and healing.  From the injuries I sustained hiking to the 2 consecutive strokes I had last year, it felt like the universe was throwing me to the wolves, when in fact the universe was showing me what I was really good at.  Not just for myself, but for others...and pets.  I love pets, they are so open and simplistic and accept healing immediately because they know what is best for them.  They don’t let what others say or think influence them.  They also do their best to get messages across to their owners.  Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t.  It all depends on the awareness of their owner.  Perception is a powerful tool when used correctly, which is why I teach pet owners how to be more aware of their pets which in turn creates a stronger bond and better relationship for everyone.

We humans think we know everything, or at lease know better than our pet, or worse think we are doing just find by our pet (insert ego).  I am always learning by Sammy, so if I can readily communicate with him all the time and keep learning what are pet owners who can’t communicate with them doing?  You see my point?  Humans let their ego get in the way because they are full of fear of what other people say, so instead of taking in the suggestions they instead deflect ~ making sure you know just how much they love their pet!  Was I talking bout love?  No, I don’t think so…

You see that is where humans get confused.  They equate love for everything.  Well if I love you then I’ve done all I can for you.  How does that work with your fellow humans?  Not so great now does it?  So you see, we have so much to learn from the animal kingdom and lucky us have a member of that world sitting in our home connected to the universe in a way we might never completely understand.  But we can pay attention to them and get a glimpse, and that glimpse can help us in our daily lives.

Spiritually speaking, 2015 was the year of cleaning house.  Since 2012 collectively we have been shifting on our planet and in our personal lives in major ways.  For a new calendar to begin, the old needs to end.  Think of it in relation to the waxing and waning moons, where the full moon is the climax. The calendar starts, giving us time to release ourselves from what has not been working for us just in time for the new moon to appear. For that is the time where we realize what wasn’t working for us and what we need to embrace to have growth in our lives. So while the motion of releasing is going on around us, 2015 turned into the clean house affect, ridding ourselves of what has not been supporting us in our life.  Whether that be the removal of family members, friends, jobs, or where we were living from our lives; we are being prepared for the receiving.  However, don’t think you will be receiving if you haven’t let go of what isn’t best for you.  All to often we let our EGO get in the way, ever so subtly, so that we believe we are just fine and don’t need to be any better than we already are. 

Remember the saying “the only thing constant is change?”  Well, its true, and if you don’t open yourself to change you will become stuck; and people who get stuck develop deep seeded issues that take them down the rabbit hole.  But its not too late, you have 12 months make your changes, so that the gifts of 2016 can be received into your world.  If I have learned anything these last few years, its that its never too late to wake up and see what has been stalling you.  I’m not talking about daily things, like getting your drivers license renewed but the office is closed (which you knew beforehand but ignored that fact).  That’s just you sitting in your rabbit hole afraid to get out, blaming others for what’s going on in your life when you knew all along you would need that new car soon but never prepared for it.  We do know certain things are coming long in advance if it’s made of this world, and if we just begin the process of preparing for it however, we can we tell the universe that we are working WITH IT which in turn creates a greater flow of ease for you to receive that which you need.  However if you do nothing (then panic, or worse expect someone to bail you out) you will not receive what you really need, just something to appease you and give you a good hard lesson down the road.

Through my life of lessons the one thing I realized that most people need is help with their health and wellbeing, because that was he one thing that is always put last on the list.  Or worse, you are only listening to the media and conventional medicine to teach you what you need to know.  When in fact, they are leading you down the path of destruction. Common sense no longer dictates, only because we are no longer mindful of what we are doing, eating, or being.  So I realized that the one thing that I could do with my life was to help man and animal with their health and wellbeing. Between my own health issues and that of my pets, what I learn through my clients, and my constant research for helping others, I have realized that this is my path.  Merging the lives of humans and pets together, for in reality we do work together.

So 2016 is the year of synchronicity - time when our lives begin to line up and show us how to stay in the flow and move forward consistently without effort.  For once the heart is in place, the ego has been muffled, and we have “cleaned house,” the only thing left to do is receive.  That is what the flow is all about, receiving that which moves us along on our journey allowing us to see the good in the world around us instead of the chaos out there.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative, especially with social media.  I have learned the hard way to use my social media sites ~ what it is I see on my news feeds ~ for receiving that which I need to be a better person.  Not to get caught up in the political, religious, ego centered world so many are caught up in. I get to see that anyway through those “friends” who are caught up in the hysteria.

So 2016 for me is the shifting of the tides.  Sammy’s Mission has changed ever so slightly, but in a big way.  Giving me so much joy, passion, and excitement for what I can do for others.  For without health and wellbeing, we have nothing.  Our wholeness is incomplete, as we spiral down the rabbit hole.  I have made it my mission to help humans and pets with their health and wellbeing starting now.  For without it we will deteriorate our bodies and our thoughts, leaving us on a planet to suffer.  The same is true for our pets ~ so many owners ignore the signs their pets are showing them and in turn suffer greatly.  It is my belief that we do not need to suffer, for suffering is caused by our perception of who we are and where we are going and it only takes one thought to shift your entire life for the better.

Are you are ready to make 2016 your year of receiving a better life?  Can I help you with that?

Namaste ~


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