Tuesday, October 27, 2015 | By: Lisa LaMendola

Where Is Home?

When I was younger home was where my parents lived.  When my parents died, home became wherever I lived within the same area.  Then, after much soul searching I realized home was where your heart felt complete.  To some that is the same place, but to many it isn't and they end up searching for that place to call home for a very long time.

I have always felt that wherever I felt at peace and connected to the earth (without trying) was where home was.  I always thought that would be where I grew up, so I wandered back to that location only to find nothing there for me.  A few friends, but that was about it.  However, that is when I realized where home really was, and that I had lived there before.  So with a lot of help from a lot of people I have been given the gift of going back to my real home.  My inner home.  My spiritual home.  While some may think I have gone crazy moving from the tropics to the arctic, I assure you I am not crazy.  Instead, I am more sane than I have ever been in my life.

How can that be you ask?  Because all the other times of my life home was where others were, not where I AM.  Where I feel connected to the earth and connected to my self.  Where I see a future and not a past, even though I am returning to a place I have lived before (because whenever I returned to the tropics I always felt like I was going backward, not forward).  Where I don't feel lost, but instead feel connected.  It doesn't matter how many or how few people I know here, which is how so many people determine there home to be.  Where people are that they know, or have known their whole life instead of feeling connected to what is around them.  If you are young, have children, etc you will not understand so don't try to.  Enjoy your life right now surrounded by your friends, family and children for that is why we live close to each other ~ to enjoy each other's growth.  However,when you are older and your children are scattered about (or you do not have children) do not stay stuck in a place that no longer provides a sense of connectedness for you.  Notice I didn't say "provides a home for you" for you can have a home anywhere, but a sense of connectedness is your true place on earth.

When my awareness and ability to make decisions returned after my strokes last year (which wasn't until April or May of this year), I thought about this long and hard.  Where was home for me?  I imagined places I had yet to explore and wondered if I were to go someone new.  Then when my photo sensitivity got so bad I narrowed down my choices.  It had to northern, away from the harsh glare of the sun that emits up to 2000 feet away from the equator, and Midwestern.  Then I realized where Home was.  A place where i had lived; a place that I loved being; but a place where the weather bothered by bones.  After talking to my doctor and realizing that my bones were healed (and they weren't when I was living there), I took a bone density test to see that I was good.  Actually I was really good!  With a few precautions, I could easily live in Alaska!

And while Ann Arbor is no Alaska, its cold enough and has enough snow to satisfy my needs.  What are my needs you ask?  Seasons.....

Growing up in the tropics you don't have seasons.  Instead you have slight shifts in temperatures with no change of scenery and no really clothing changes except for a jacket and shoes.  Not that I minded any of that growing up, because that was where my home was.  That was where my siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles lived.  However, 20 years ago things started to shift.  After my mother's death life had a different spin on it.  Then 9 years ago the whole world changed when my father died. That is when people changed, moved away, acted differently, and forced me to realize that I had to decide where home really was.  In 2011 I started my search, ending up in Colorado.  I was forced back to Florida once again after a serious hiking accident (that not everyone took seriously) only to move further up the state and out of it to Michigan.

A few weeks ago I had some serious disruptions in my life.  The return of seizures due to unnecessary stress, to the loss of my apartment due to toxic chemicals (that will take months to get past).  While I felt totally displaced, the universe had a place.  From one couch to another to a vacation rental for week, the universe conspired to get me home.  Home to a place that I feel connected to.  Home to world full of seasons and amazing energy that lifts my spirits and eases my burdens.  Home to a land that is ushering me through these changes, while giving me a respite to catch my breath.

I posted a quote on social media several months ago about how you should take into consideration your health when determining where it is you are living.  For when you are healthy everyone benefits and you live a much more full life.  So many people were negative in their comments!  How they could "never leave" where they lived, or how "others are to be considered first", yet no one is considering their needs.  While I know it is difficult to move your family from one place to another it is not impossible.  Sadly so many showed their FEARS first instead of their life of self worth.  If you do not take into consideration your own needs (as well as the needs of others....but not always first) you will not be around to have it matter.  Sometimes moving from one town to another is all that is needed to shift your life and move it forward, however fear will always say "oh no, you can't do that, you must stay here" or "so and so lives there, oh you could never live near them", and then here is where you will suffer.  Here is where you will continue to remain stuck and talk yourself out of everything.

Sitting here writing this I am reminded of my mother and how severe her SAD (seasonal affective disorder) was when my family lived in Buffalo (before I was born) and how I am the complete opposite now.  One of the big deciding factors to move south was that for her and it helped her greatly.  Just as moving north has helped me.  In less than a week I have gone from being inside away from the sun most of the day to being outside without the need of a filtered umbrella (which was a constant need in Florida).  I still need the two pairs of sunglasses but I suspect in the weeks to come that will shift to.

I am amazed at the Universe for picking me up and moving me forward with such gusto!  I am also forever grateful for the friends who made this all possible.  I am certain the universe conspired to make them  a plant of my life for many reasons (this just being one of them).

So off I go, looking for a new residence for myself and Sammy and am SURE that the universe has plans for where that is as well.

Namaste ~


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