Tuesday, June 2, 2015 | By: Lisa LaMendola

The Power of Perception

This healing journey I have been on has been bumpy to say the least.  Yet even when I get stuck and feel trapped I know in my heart their are always answers.  Once I can shift my perception away from the mental and into my heart then I see the truth.

I have not written in this blog since the just before the eclipses in March.  They ushered in an intensity like I have never felt in all my life (at least that I can remember).  Then with each months waxing moon the intensity to make change has been getting stronger and stronger until the full moon is reached.  Today we have a full moon in Sagittarius which again has brought a sense of calm back to the earth.  However that planet Mercury is retrograding, forcing us to think before we speak (and causing glitches in our electronics) just as she always does, it's just that the intensity of the planets over the past 2 1/2 years creating a "get your act together or get off this ride" environment makes it feel stronger than ever.  

So what happened 2 1/2 years ago to start this?  Some will call it a shift in consciousness and blame the Mayan calendar, others will refer to shifts in our galaxy and blame the planets, and still others will blame it on climate change.  How I have always seen this is a starting over. What happens at midnight on December 31st of each year?  A new year begins.  So is it hard to believe that we are in a new cycle of ourplanet that's    trying her best to rebirth?  We see it in our history books how we have had the different "ages" evolve over time.  The planetary shifts have placed us now into the age of Aquarius (giving us expanded inner healing and spiritual guidance) while leaving the age of Pisces (information and technology).  We repeat cycles all the time on this planet, how is now so different?  The only problem I see are those holding on to the old ways who continue to struggle moving forward.  The chaos is settling in some places and revolting in others in an effort to hang on for dear life!

I've been watching the people of the world and myself accept the changes, but not without a struggle.  For while we all know change is happening all the time, whether or not we allow it into our reality is another matter.  Many want things to stay the same or the way they used to be, but we aren't the same as we used to be.  No matter how much you want to hold your mental thoughts there.  And while doing so you bring more chaos to your life, forcing old lessons to return over and over again.  You hang on to some sense of obligation to others, when in reality you are holding on out of personal fear.  A fear only you understand, but a fear you can easily let go of.

You believe the news, the "reality" on TV, or the news feed on Facebook.  Everything you hear and read there are created by someone with the intention of sensationalizing it.  The more who read it, the better that makes me, the creator of it.  Actually, the more that read it the sadder you and they are.  For you are holding the side of a sinking ship with the raft at your feet.  Let go, float out to sea, and find your new self.

Once you see this world as a vessel that is rebirthing itself, you do not see destruction.  Instead you see a dog (earth) shaking off the dirt (human energy) after a long exhausting day.  Soon the bath will come (hurricanes, tornados, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, etc.) and the it will be time to settle into a long rest.  Just not until we are squeaky clean.

Everything within you and around you is a mirror if your internal perception.  Good or bad, you mirror back what you expect.   It's time to change your perception and receive new expectations so that life can move forward with less shaking and more resting.

Sounds difficult doesn't it?  Well it's not.  Stop focusing "out there" and worrying about everything you hear and allow yourself to detach from that which no longer serves your life's journey.  Disconnect from those who need to go, no matter who they are, because in reality they are just souls you agreed to dance one dance with not an entire album.  You are holding them back just as much as you are holding yourself back, and that is a disservice to you both.  Respect them, and yourself, enough to let go so that you can finally see the world for that which it truly is ~ magical.

Remember, until the next eclipse in August you will be rattled and shaken to the core until you do something to step outbid the dark (chaos) and into the light (calm abiding love).  Even if you think you are healing the world with what you do or say think again.  Take a good hard look and ask if you should be somewhere else doing something else?  For many the answer is yes, but are you really listening?  Or is you ego in the way?  Your heart has the answers, your head has all the excuses.

What's your perception now?

Namaste ~


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