Monday, February 23, 2015 | By: Lisa LaMendola

What Can You Learn in Only 15 Minutes? Plenty!!

And sometimes we need help getting through the little storms in life, so they don't become big ones.

I am always amazed by a clients reaction to a reading. They learn more than they ever thought possible about themselves, they get a better perspective of the situation than they had before, and they get an idea of what will likely happen depending on the choices they make. And this all happens in 15 minutes or less. Yes 15 minute readings are my most popular and it's not why you might think. I used to think it was because of the price, but then I realized that it couldn't be because I have a sliding scale for 30 minute readings. So I asked those clients who always utilize 15 minute sessions why they do and this is what I heard:

"It's a time thing, 15 minutes is all I can manage some days."

"I only have one or two questions and so I know that's all the time I need with you."

"I like getting just enough information so I can run with it, then if I need clarity I can always book a follow up 15 minutes a few days later."

"You do longer readings? Why?"

That last comment made me laugh because it came from a client who lives a very fast paced life and probably never noticed she could booked a longer time. Not that she would.

So it also occurred to me through those clients that I never offer a 15 minute special. So since it is my most popular reading (psychic medium, medical medium, or animal communication)I thought I would thank all of you who do see the value in only 15 minutes, and welcome those who haven't given it a try by offering a little discount. Now through February 28 you can purchase 15 minute readings for only $20! You can purchase as many as you like and have until December 31 to use! This special is NOT on my website so be sure to call, text or email me to get in before the deadline! Also be sure to share this offer with your friends and family. You never know who might have an issue that a little guidance could help.

Since this is my last reading special until summer, if you think you might need me (or want to gift a friend?!) I encourage you to take me up on my offer! 

And as always, I look forward to helping you in anyway I can ~ even if its only 15 for minutes!

Namaste ~

Lisa LaMendola


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