Monday, October 13, 2014 | By: Lisa LaMendola

That Ugly Four Letter Word

Fear is the most powerful negative force you have in your life that can take you from finding answers and moving forward to rolling down hill and crashing into a ball of fire.  The path down that hill is a choice.

Yes I said it was a choice, one you make with your conscious mind.  I know life is bad and you've been dealt a low blow but if you keep feeling upon the bad you will never see the good. And yes God is putting good in front of you all the time you just don't see it.

I find it ironic when clients are told in their readings "we put signs in front of you but you don't see them" and their reaction is to allow their ego to speak:  "what signs?  Tell me just one you put in front if me because you didn't!"   Do you realize how childish that sounds? If you never allowed yourself to be in the flow of life and instead surrounded in fear, your not going to recognize it after the fact either.

Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad, because that is how we learn and become a better being.  If you seem to be repeating the same lesson over and over again it's time to stop and take a good look at yourself.  Bad things happen to good people all the time, it's the intensity at which they happen that tells you how long it's been repeating itself.  So once you recognize that your situation or experience is a lesson, try to take yourself back to when life was good in this particular area of life (relationships, career, self love, etc.).  

Don't see your life externally by what you had physically, instead look at how you felt, how you acted, how the words you used were not negative in their tone.  Look at everything about yourself, not those who were in your life. Bring that feeling and way of being into your life now.  For the life we experience is a reflection in others of who we are.

Before you start complaining about the people who wronged you ~ stop yourself, because that is your ego talking and your ego wants you stuck.  It wants you think and not feel because that is the only way it can be in control. Remember everything is made up of atoms, and what those atoms can do we call manipulating energy.  So if we are energy and we create what we are, then what we create must reflect back to us somehow, but not always in the same way, as in a mirror.  Instead it reflects back to us in a way that we can better understand it.  However ignoring it doesn't mean you don't understand it, it just means you are ignoring it so the energy becomes even more negative and creates a more amplified reflection over and over until its so big you get knocked on your butt.  Meaning you now have a health crisis, an accident, or even lost your job.   The creator will get your attention eventually, it's just up to you to decide how big the two-by-four needs to be.

So want to understand this better?

Put your feet up in that Lazy Boy and close your eyes. Now, take a nice deep breath and blow out.  Do this three times, then take a look at yourself from a strangers perspective.  Not how you would act to a stranger, because most of are nicer to a stranger than to our own family.  So this stranger is nameless and you feel nothing to or from them until you meet and what you see and hear from them is a reflection of yourself. Note the tone in the voice, the words used, and the energy you feel.  

Now don't be surprised if you suddenly see your worst enemy, its nit them its the energy they emit.  What you are seeing is  you reacting to that negativity they placed upon you.  You took a hold of this negative space they thrust at you and never let go.  Yes they were bad to you, they caused you to not have something you want, but did you ever think they did you a favor?

Think about it.  If this bad person or bad thing happened to you AND life is a reflection of your own energy, then this person pushed you down the rabbit hole so you could come out the other end with a better life.  Whether that be a better relationship, better job or a better home.  Something good will come of it but not until you open your heart and soul (and get out of your ego driven head) to the possibility of a better way than how you were doing things before, because before wasn't working for you!

So what to do now?  Let go of the ego and ask for signs.  Then allow the universe to put those signs in front of you to lead you on a better road to a better life.

Namaste ~ 


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