Friday, August 15, 2014 | By: Lisa LaMendola

The Happiness Project Part Two

Don't worry, there is no part three.  Part two is working through the list I created yesterday through my vision of myself.  While I could easily see myself as a 20 year old hippie child, the 52 year old woman staring back at me is a bit mature now.  That doesn't mean I can't express who I am at the age I am at.  I want that 52 year old woman to reflect that child inside, not fill herself with Botox and dye her hair California Blonde.  I have to work with what I have and so I let go of what I don't like when I look in the mirror today, knowing that tomorrow a new image will appear.  After all, everything in this world is created through our immediate perception, right?  I can tell you that it took a long time to create the list ~ hours ~ and that I went back to it and added more later.  I'm sure as I go through things on my list new items will emerge as everything evolves.

So my list is quite long, as you would suspect.  I tried my best to keep myself from removing things on my list when I read it over and began to second guess.  Its important to walk away from the list for a while and then when you are ready just choose one thing on the list to accomplish today or this week, leaving the items that might take longer to accomplish for a time when you are in the flow of creating your truly authentic happiness.  Because I have TBI (traumatic brain injury) I needed to categorized my items into three sections: physical, emotional and spiritual.  I did this so my brain doesn't have to wander.  For example in the physical I might have "buy a new purse, taking the time to find what fits the real me." So instead of being practical and always getting black or brown I take my time and find the right one for the child on the inside and the adult on the outside.  Under emotional I might have "eat one doughnut without thinking about the calories or crappy ingredients inside of it.  Its just one doughnut after all, not a dozen." So I would go in and buy one doughnut and leave, eating it someplace where I can actually enjoy the experience.  I want to create an experience with it, not attempt to eat my emotional pain away.  Finally under spiritual I might have "create a morning ritual and stick with it."  For me this means I would set up a small altar in a place I will go to upon waking that is designated just for morning prayers, meditation and maybe even a few yoga stretches before I finish.

So today I chose one thing to do.....and I will share more of that with you tomorrow.

Namaste ~


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