Monday, July 28, 2014 | By: Lisa LaMendola

What We Think Isn't Always What Is

I have been at a crossroads for several months trying to find the balance between what I believe I'm here for in this world and what my heart says to me.

Everyone has been at a crossroads in their life, some of us more often than others.  I have been trying to find the balance between Sammy's Mission and Lisa's Mission in this world for over a year, feeling like I must take one path over the other.  When in reality I just need to find out what each truly are to me and how to balance them individually.  

I have mentors to whom I seek to help when I struggle, but what I have found from them lately is not clarity, but metaphors and symbols to discern on my own.  Unfortunately without a clear channel there is no clarity. Today I learned from a client just how clear a channel I am for those whom I have helped all these years. Direct communication, word for word, without them having to figure something out.  This is something I want for everyone, and something I love doing for others.  Then there's Sammy's Mission.  The animals that melt my heart and need a voice.  I have known for the past year that this is my calling now but does it have to be my only calling? I have struggled with this choice, trying to step in with both feet only for the universe to screech to a halt.  A sign in itself, but what does it mean?

Having struggled so long for this I told God I needed a really big sign today!  I was tired of the yo-yo thinking and struggles.  I needed to know my path and know it now! It didn't take but 30 seconds until I got my answer, in two bumper stickers on a truck in front if me. 

"Find the life you love, work it well.  Then find something you cherish."

"Charity towards others is always a gift."

I was seeing Sammy's Mission as my business, something to support me.  When in reality I already had support  through the work I love.  Sammy's Mission wasn't to be my work, it was to be a charity

As soon as that realization came to me I saw my life and its path laid out before me in a huge flash!  This is why I have the desire to get in a VW Camper during the summer months and go around the country doing animal healing (by donation)!  When I returned home I told Sammy what I had realized.  He gave that know the one....glad you finally got it mom! Then he raced through the house and brought me a toy.

The moment I realized what Sammy's Mission was, I realized I could continue helping my clients as I have all this time.  I know they struggled with me too, trying to find someone else only to beg me to take them "one last time".  They were my signs too!  They have helped me more than they will ever know. 

It will take me time to adjust my website as all of northern Saint Augustine is still without Internet! Even the library is down.  Gotta love Comcast... So I hope those that need me will reach out by phone (904-201-3233) or email ( and allow me to help them.  For in doing so you are greatly helping me remain connected to my life.

Chow ~


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Sooo happy to hear about your epiphany. I am in the same struggle of trying to focus on one path but I want to be too many things. I think being Renaissance women isn't easy. lol Hopefully the universe will balance me out soon too! I thank you for all you are willing to do. I felt a bit lost when you were wanting to be full time animal communicator. Your gift is such a treasure for all of us who know you! Blessings- Amie

Lisa LaMendola said...

thank you Amie! I have always had things come to me in 3's ~ and I suspect my career is the same! Psychic Medium, Medical Medium, and Animal Communicator all rolled into one <3

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