Thursday, April 3, 2014 | By: Lisa LaMendola

Creating Change

Today I was befuddled by a client who expected to receive something without putting forth any effort.  She felt entitled.  Not worthy, as in God provides for us as we help others, but entitled as if it were owed to her just by being alive and breathing.

It go me contemplating how off balance so many of us are in our thinking, even those who profess to do good things in this world or be good people.  That's not really the point ~ good or bad ~ what is, is what  you are dong with it.  How are you creating your life?

If you have been following my other blog, Sky's Sacred Sanctuary, then you already know that I am currently incorporating a private sabbatical into the month of April.  So I am much more observant lately as to the who, why, and how of things in life.  Since this involved my work I wanted to write about it here in the hope that those in my field would read it as well.  While this client was clearly black and white in her thinking, many in my field of work do the same thing, yet blur the line greatly in their own minds to justify their actions.

So when we create our life, we create that which we are connected to through our heart.  Not the breathing machine inside our physical body, but the spiritual heart that is from our soul.  When we loose touch with that we loose touch with everything.  I know a Lightworker who professes to know everything.  She is the greatest and you need no one else and then becomes offended when he hears someone who came to her, went elsewhere for "better answers."  What they were looking for was clarity, something she doesn't give.  She is high strung, and yes she talks from her head.  Yet when you first meet her she is all loving and spiritual.  I suspect because that is how she wants to be perceived, unfortunately that is not the reality she is creating.  She dabbles in this, knows a bit about that, and then puts a shingle out for business.  I'm not saying shes bad at what she does, I'm saying that if she focused on the one area that she resonates with she could be PHENOMENAL.  Instead, she feels the need to be competitive.  Case in point, when we first met and I said I was a Psychic and Medical Medium.  "Oh, I can do that" was her reply.  Not, nice to meet you,  but instant competition.....and I told her so.  She knew I could see right through her and he walked away.  Yet who does she come to when she's stuck?  You got it....

Anyway, its one thing to learn a few things along the way to help you get to the place your meant to be.  I originally, as a child, dabbled in astrology.  I never liked it much, creating charts and graphs....yuck.....but I liked how there was a connection to who we were here and what was OUT THERE.  Mind you I had always talked to the Other Side, but to me this was just who I was not necessary what I was to do with my life.  So through my teen years, 20's and 30's I learned a lot about a lot, but not enough to put it on my shingle, instead I share those things I learned along the way (and still do learn) with others when its needed.  What I'm really go at is talk to souls.  My purpose is, to heal through thoughts.  Once I found my connection to who I am and what I can do I found my creation.

Now don't think I stopped creating, because you never do.  Not true, some do and they are the ones who holding the negative energy but don't realize it.  They think because they are doing something good for the world they must be part of the solution, but instead they are part of the problem.  So no matter what it is you do for a living, so long as you are passionate about it, keep creating.  Don't get stuck in the negative, don't  think that just because you are incarnate that you are deserving of anything.  Hardly.....

You are deserving of that which you create.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So take a minute to look at your life.  Where have you been?  Where are you going?  Are you moving forward or still in the same place spiritually?

What do you want to create?  For without creation, nothing is possible.

Chow ~


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