Saturday, March 29, 2014 | By: Lisa LaMendola

Grey's Anatomy

Last night I watched the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy.  In a nut shell, It's a program about doctors and their dreams.  Whether they are based in reality or there mind isn't always clear.

This episode was about Dr Yang ~ driven to be the best at what she does, wanting to do ground breaking research ~ divorced her husband even though she still loves him because he wants kids and she doesn't.  Oh yea, and they're still having sex because they are still connected ~ and she's part owner ofthe hospital.  So.....she has this patient whos life she just saved and now is on life support and has to decide if he will pull the plug on himself or not.  So in imagining him saying yes she envisions that life, as well as if he says no that he wants to live.

Anyway in this episode she thinks about the WHAT IF's in her own life.  What IF she married her ex and had kids.  What IF she only had her science to keep her company.  What IF he said kids didn't matter and in the end they did and broke them up again....and again....and again.  Or worse what IF he became an alcoholic trying to stuff aside his need to be a father and destroyed their life together and his career in the end.

She must have gone through 5 or 6 different life scenarios until she finally decided to not act on her desire to love him and instead love him enough to let him go.  Go have the life that would make him the happiest....with someone who could give him the whole package.  And in the end allow her to find what is right for herself.

This really got me thinking about the choices we make in life and how we tend to go through life blindly.  Sometimes what we want is not always what's best for everyone.  That's being mindful.  Being aware of the big picture and how one choice can change everything.  

However not just in bad ways...our best choice is the one that makes everyone happy in the end without compromising our life purpose.  I'm making new choices, some I thought were only dreams, until I realized that I don't want them just to be dreams anymore.  It's time for them to become a realty.  

No more WHAT IF's....only here and now and YES PLEASE and THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 

Namaste ~


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