Wednesday, December 11, 2013 | By: Lisa LaMendola

Learning How To Receive = Teaching How To Give

The other day, while downtown I heard it often, how much people enjoy giving to see the look on the face of those receiving.  It got me thinking about how we give and receive in other times in our life, not just during the holidays or on special occasions.  I like to send gifts to my friends "just because", not when they are expecting it.  I think it makes it more meaningful.

My experience the past 11 months (dear god, has it been that long since my accident?!) has been mixed.  So many willing to give (and do!) while others walked away so they didn't have to give. Others gave but with stipulations ~ not any stipulations they informed me about, mind you.  I find it uncanny how those that want to give so much have the greatest expectations of receiving something in return.  I find it sad that people can't just give TO GIVE, because its the right thing to do.  Instead we put our own selves first and can't make room for others.  Yet at Christmas we seem to be able to?  Why is this so different?  Could it be because we are EXPECTED TO?  Hmmm……

I find it amusing and sad all at the same time.  Now I'm not saying everyone should have opened their doors to me and let me live with them two years while I recovered.  Hardly…..actually I have been bouncing from place to place all this time ~ friends opening their doors to me for as long as could without expecting anything in return ~ all the while, hoping the next bounce is to some place I can build a home around.  I do miss having my own space.  I miss warm weather and sunshine and family.  One day I will get there again as my body walks into the final leg of the journey that is to find myself again.  I do not know where that will be, but I'm sure it will be one more door for me to learn to receive from.  Receiving in this way is very hard when you are so independent, but I feel I am also teaching those who are giving to see what they have to give in a whole new light.

I think that is why I have learned so much about giving and receiving.  I was never a good receiver….as much as I enjoyed receiving I liked giving more.  I love to see the look on someones face or the excitement in their voice when they receive something special they weren't expecting.  Ah there is that word again…. expecting.

SO when you go to help someone or give to them, do so without expectation this year.  Don't care in the slightest if you get anything in return,because I have secret to tell you…….you will receive in a HUGE way when you don't.

Ranting is over… can go back to your life now.



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